An afternoon pick-me-up that doesn’t even require an espresso machine! This easy iced caffe latte is ready in 5 minutes and tastes just as good as the coffee shop version!

Ice Caffe Latte Any one that knows me at all knows that I L-O-V-E c♥ffee. In any form. Give it to me iced or piping hot. I’ll take it. If it’s a hot summer day and I’ve got a mason jar of this iced caffe latte to cool me down, I am the happiest camper around!

I’ve had a love affair with coffee since like the 3rd grade. Okay, before you start freaking out, I mean just the smell of coffee. I can’t get enough! In high school when I actually started drinking the stuff (I know shame on me) I was hooked. I just couldn’t get enough! And when college came around, I could guzzle gallons worth. I didn’t. But I could’ve.

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An easy to make one pot cheeseburger pasta that requires barely any dirty dishes and cooks up so quickly! This cheeseburger pasta is way better than the stuff you find in a box at the store. One-pot cheeseburger pasta is sure to be a hit with the cook and the family!

One Pot Cheeseburger Pasta

Hurray for one pot cheeseburger pasta meals that require very little work and please a crowd at the same time. Those are truly my favorite type of meals. Easy to make + crowd pleaser = a happy family.

Hello from chilly Toronto! Yes, i’m still on vacation in case you checked in here and are wondering.

Let me tell you, it’s REALLY cold for a girl that’s been in Houston for half her life! It’s been between the low 70′s – 50′s here. And some of us didn’t bring their cardigans. I was slightly majorly bummed when I came to find out how cold (read: cool) the temperatures are here. Bummed because I had so many wardrobe possibilities that I can’t wear back in Houston. What a waste!

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Warm farro salad with spinach, mushrooms, red onions, and tart cherries. Sprinkled with a healthy serving of parmesan cheese. It’s perfect as a side or as a main meal. This farro salad has lots of my favorite power veggie – spinach and it’s completely vegetarian friendly!

FARRO SALAD WITH SPINACH AND MUSHROOMS I’m craving this warm farro salad with spinach as I sit here in this cold, cold coffee shop drinking my luke warm coffee, jittering (from both the cold temp and the abundance of coffee i’ve consumed).

Yup this warm farro salad would really make my insides happy just about now!

And to everyone that doesn’t believe a completely vegetarian farro salad with spinach and mushrooms can be delicious, give me the opportunity to prove you wrong.

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Crispy fish tacos in the summer time are a must! These crispy fish tacos are topped with fresh, crispy margarita slaw and roasted pepita seeds and are perfect for dinners on the patio. You’ll love my version of baja-style crispy fish tacos!

Crispy Fish Tacos with Margarita Slaw Greetings! I am reporting live from vacay, beyond glad to be back in the best city in the world. Chi-town… do you wanna get down? Okay, i’ll stop.

Ironically enough, i’m in the windy city sharing a tex-mex favorite – crispy fish tacos. These baja-style crispy fish tacos are amongst my most favorite meals. I am always on the lookout for a good fish taco. Give it to me grilled, fried, or blackened, i’ll take a fish taco in any form, anytime. And I mean that; anytime. Crispy Fish Tacos with Margarita Slaw Crispy Fish Tacos with Margarita Slaw Let’s talk about the fish for just a second. This fish gets it’s crispiness from a thick batter. When you think crispy fish tacos, you usually think of beer battered fish. And although you can use beer for the batter portion of this recipe, i’ve actually used sparkling water instead. The same great crunch is there, so don’t you worry!

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An easy to make recipe for thick and creamy, homemade spicy spinach and artichoke dip. This dip is a classic and requires little to no work!

Spicy Spinach and Artichoke Dip This dip. This spicy spinach and artichoke dip is absolutely yummmay!

Truth is, i’ve made this dip on several occasions this summer. It’s been tested on over 50+ people and every one of them loved it! So naturally, I couldn’t keep this little gem from you guys.

Confession: I didn’t even like artichokes till I met this dip – really.

This dip is so, so good.

Spicy Spinach and Artichoke Dip Since this spinach and artichoke dip is a little heavier and i’m constantly trying to watch what I eat (okay, don’t look at any of my previous posts, please). I always make this dip when there’s a party and I can send the leftovers home with the guests. I don’t want any of that temptation lying around here. Lingering… calling my name. Nope.

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Dark chocolate cookies stuffed with chocolate caramels with a sprinkle of salt. These salted Rolo stuffed chocolate cookies are perfectly sweet and just delicious!

SALTED ROLO STUFFED CHOCOLATE COOKIES Attention salted caramel lovers!

And chocolate crinkle cookie lovers too!

Boy, oh boy do I have a treat for you. This week I was itching to have some chocolate running through my veins.  I wanted it. I needed it. I HAD to have it. So here I was just frantically searching the internet to feed my chocolatey addiction. And I found this recipe for salted rolo stuffed chocolate cookies on Sally’s Baking Addiction (I know, right). Everything the woman bakes is just ridiculously mouthwatering. I really wish I could jump through the screen and take a bite. <— That happens every time she puts up a new post.

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Strawberry cheesecake chunk ice cream is like nothing you’ve had before. Swirls of strawberry glaze and bits of strawberries running through a silky, rich vanilla ice cream and loaded with chunks of real cheesecake!

Strawberry Cheesecake Chunk Ice Cream   I’m coming at you all loaded today. Loaded with cheesecake and strawberry chunks in this strawberry cheesecake chunk ice cream and with news!

Let me start by saying, Happy National Cheesecake Day!! Who even knew there was a day dedicated to sweet graham cracker crust and baked cream cheese? Like really? I just happened to see it on the bulletin board at Trader Joe’s a week ago. This is exactly the kind of encouragement I needed to combine two of the best desserts ever, ice cream and cheesecake.

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Easy to make and super crunchy, zucchini parmesan crisps are just like the ones served in pizzerias! Serve them with marinara or buttermilk ranch. Perfect for snacking or an appetizer!

Crunchy Zucchini Parmesan Crisps Hello crispy, crunchy, golden-delicious perfection. I think i’m in love with you.

I think i’ve eaten about 3 zucchinis this week and all in the fashion of these zucchini parmesan crisps. These little guys have a tricky way of making me eat my veggies. Not that I have a problem with veggies. In fact, i’m slightly obsessed with them. But this has to be the best way to consume them. It just has to be.

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Easy smoked salmon goat cheese bruschetta. 20 minute appetizers that look fancy like something you’d find in a high-end restaurant. Nobody needs to know that they’re totally effortless to make!

Smoked Salmon Whipped Goat Cheese Bruschetta Salmon. Salllllll mon. Smoked salmon is the star today in my smoked salmon goat cheese bruschetta recipe.

Give this girl some cheese and a baguette and she’s (i’m) all set. And here i’ve fulfilled both requirements. That’s why this smoked salmon goat cheese bruschetta is a new favorite snack/appetizers/breakfast/meal of mine.

The hubby and I absolutely love the combination of bagels with cream cheese and lox. That’s where the idea for this appetizer stems from. Only it’s fancy sh-mancy enough for a weekend get together with friends and family. And did I mention easy enough to whip up for a date night on a weeknight too?

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An easy, 20 minute recipe for bacon avocado pasta salad. Fusilli pasta, Roma tomatoes, red onions, parmesan cheese, bacon, and avocados tossed in a lemon and olive oil vinaigrette. Totally weeknight perfect!

Bacon Avocado Pasta Salad I’m sneaking bites of bacon avocado pasta salad from the refrigerator as I type this. That’s because I didn’t get enough when I had it for lunch yesterday. Then again, for dinner.

And I even contemplated having it for breakfast. I decided against it, obvi. Because that’s absurd.

Then, I gave in. Pictures of this bacon avocado salad tortured me as I edited them. I’ve got 10 forks in my sink now. Because I kept telling myself that once I put it in the sink I wouldn’t come back for more.

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